Jam Of The Year

Two months and counting to one of the most spectacular Hip Hop event you can find in Singapore aka Hancai Town !

A yearly affair, during march in sunny Singapore, many from across the borders fly out here to vibe out as they celebrate the anniversary of a local breakin' crew, Radikal Forze. However, that's just on of the reason why cats come out here to play. This event serves a higher purpose of educating the youth about the core elements of Hip Hop and it's knowledge. A giant platform for newbies and even OGs to come learn as well as spread the love and history. From the turntables to the cyphers then to the after parties, a constant vibe-ing out session with realest cats worldwide, imagine the window of  opportunity to learn! This year marks their 19th year being in the local hiphop scene. 

Other events that is happening besides the main battles

Summer Jam Dance Camp 
Destructive Steps SG/MY Qualifier 
Hancai Skate Comp 

Following the competitive battles vibe, here lies the real deal to why many have flown out to witness this jam, Hancai Parties ! The soul reason to why many attend this jam is to vibe out and have a merry hancai time. Parties hosted by various collaboration in SG such as Solid Gold help feeds ill crowd with lit hiphop sounds. From Barcelona to Japan, latin funk to some sexy time rnb tunes will be blasting on the speakers ! This is not to be missed !





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